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David Mc Cumber author of; "Playing off the Rail" Writes:

"I had purchased a fine cue for this trip, a handsome example of custom cue maker John Robinson's work. Nothing fancy, just birds-eye maple with ebony points, about 20 oz, endowed with great balance and a solid hit. It hit much better then I did. With a Robinson I was like a Sunday driver at the wheel of a Ferrari."

What is a Robinson Cue

  The Robinson Cue is a cue of unique design and feel with the emphasis on quality. One of the first things that you will notice is the joint, which Robinson developed thirty years ago. Because of the way it is constructed, this joint makes the cue extremely strong and gives it a very solid hit. Aside from the strength and hit of the cue, attention to detail in craftsmanship and originality is what makes the Robinson Cue stand alone. 

  All cues are comprised of the finest materials available and all are treated with a wood stabilizer to help prevent warping. Along with a hand rubbed PPG finish is an Irish linen wrap along with a stainless steel joint. The models in the brochure are just a few that are available at this time. If you would like to customize your cue, an extra charge will be applied accordingly. Also, an ivory substitute can be used in place of ivory.

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  At Robinson Cues we want to give you the best quality cue, for the best price. If you would like more information on the  our cues. feel free to browse this site or email us with your questions. 

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